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Stockholm Cricket Club

Play Womens Cricket

Our Womens section aims to give everyone the opporuntiy to play the cricket they want to play. If you are interested in joining a team, you can register by filling out the Registration Form - "Bli Medlem", else you can email us to learn more about our differnet offerings. There is always a 14 day "Prova På" period,  where you can come to training and try playing cricket with us. 


Womens Club Cricket

In 2021 the Stockholm Cricket Club decided to start a Womens cricket team to play "club cricket" in competitions organised by the Swedish Cricket Federation. During the start up of the team we will enter teams in combination with other clubs.


Find out more about our Womens 1XI team here, or email us at Dam.1XI@stockholmcricket.se 



Womens Soft Ball Cricket

Meet some great people and have a laugh playing Soft Ball Cricket - where its all aboout playing the game without the fuss and hassle of pads, heavy bats and complicated rules.  We can promise you a warm welcome, coaching and fika.


We have 2 Soft Ball Cricket groups in the north and south sides of the city:



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