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Stockholm Cricket Club

Support the Stockholm Cricket Club

There are many ways you can support Stockholm cricket club, everything from becoming a non-playing member, making a donation, purchasing products at a discount, to Svenskaspels Gräsroten.


If your company would like to sponsor Stockholm cricket Club you can read more here.


Thanks to everyone for your support and helping us grow the sport of cricket in Stockholm. 

Become a Non-Playing Member

You can register as a non-playing member of Stockholm Cricket Club by filling out the Registration Form - Bli Medlem, selecting "Ordinary Member".


As a non-playing member of the club you:

  • Get a digital membership card in your mobile phone (SportAdmin App), showing your membership
  • Get the right to attend and vote in the clubs AGM
Make a donation

You can support the Stockholm Cricket Club by making a genral donation to the club.  All the proceeds for donations are used in the running of the club - whether buying equipment to be used  in training or ground equipment for matches.


Click here to make a donation




By selecting Stockholm Cricket Club as your favourite förening can you support us by collecting points when you play with Svenskaspel.


Connecting your spelkort can be done though your spelombud or via this link -  Connect your spelkort till SCC.

Flügger färg

Simply say that you are a member of Stockholm Cricket Club (or give the clubs account number 532380)  and receive a discount on purchases from Flugger färg in Bromma.


Address:   Karlsbodavägen 13-15,  168 67 Bromma



Branded Merchandise via Spreadshirt

Buy Stockholm CC merhandise through Spreadshirt.  All proceeds from sales go towards the  Berkley Caesar Memorial Fund.



Click here to go to Spreadshirt.se.



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