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Stockholm Cricket Club

The following fees apply to club membership for 2021. In setting these levels the Board have endeavoured to keep the costs to the lowest level possible to ensure nobody is prevented from applying to join the club on financial grounds.  Fees are made up of a membership fee and an activity fee for team or activity you are participating in.


Annual Club Membership Fee

Membership Fees cover the calendar year 1-January to 31-December and the amount is decided in the clubs AGM.  Membership provides the right to play for the club, insurance cover for training and matches, the right to vote in AGMs and participate in other activities organised by the club.


100 kr/year  Adult or Child
Activity Fee

Activity Fees cover the cricket season, from 1-February to 31-October. 


Herr Cricket

1200kr/season   Adult - Full
900kr/season   Adult  - Reduced* (300kr reduction)


Dam Cricket

500kr/season   Womens Soft Ball Cricket 


Junior Cricket

1200kr/season   Youth - Full
900kr/season   Youth - Under 19 Years Old (300kr reduction)
800kr/season   Youth - Under 15 Years Old (400krreduction)


Veterans Cricket

100kr/match   Veterans - Old Boys Match
80kr/session   Walking Cricket



500kr/season   Paracricket 




Discounts on Activity Fees

Student Discount  

A reduced rate is avaliable for people that are unemployed or students (excl phd stucdents). Evidence (such as a student photo ID card) must be provided to support your request for a reduced rate.


Family discount. 

To support families in our Junior section their is a 100kr discount for the activity fees for each child where there are 2 or more children from the same family active in the club. 


Economic Support

Cricket can be an expensive sport with fees and purchasing equipment. Club members can apply for assistance paying for activities fees and equipment through the Stockholm Cricket Clubs Berkley Caesar Memorial Fund.


Please note there are other third parties that can provide financial support to you, such as Majblomman



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