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Stockholm Cricket Club

A Brief History of the Club

In 1948 the Stockholm Cricket club was formed by embassy staff from cricket playing nations, and by the early 1950s the club had been opened to non-embassy staff. Initially organising games between the various embassies and against visiting Navy ships.  The 1960s saw the club touring Denmark, Germany and Holland in addition to local fixtures.


The 1970s saw the fixture list included regular matches against teams in Denmark and Helsinki as well as tours to the UK.  And by the mid-1970’s had expanded to include Swedish opposition in Gothenburg, Lund, and Jonkoping.


Many members of the club were active in the establishment of the Swedish Cricket Federation (SCF). And in 1990 the Stockholm Cricket Club participated in the inaugural season of the SCF.  However after this one season, the club did not participate in any further SCF competitions.


In 2016 the KTH Cricket Club and BCA Cricket Club merged into the Stockholm Cricket Club. 



Training at Flatenbadet in the 1960s
Club Colours and Badge

The clubs coloours are blue and yellow. The clubs badge is golden lion below 3 golden crowns on a blue field.



As is the way in Swedish sports the Club does not own its own ground,  rather it rents facilities from Stockholm Stad. The Stockholm CC played their first matches in Rålambshovsparken. Soon the authorities realised the danger a cricket ball posed to sunbathers and a ground was found at Skarpnäcks flyggfält. This however was not that much safer,  though this time for the cricketers, as there were a number of near misses with gliders coming in to land. In 1960 the club moved to Flatenbadet, where for the first time they were provided with a storage unit by the ground to keep nets and matting. IN the 1970s and early 1980s the club was based in Gubbängen. Later in the 1980s and 1990s the club had a ground at Årstafältet.


Since 2016 the club has played at Skarpnäck sportsfält, Granby BP, Gärdet - cricket grounds managed by Stockholms kommun.


In Print

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