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Stockholm Cricket Club

Order your uniform now
2024-03-15 20:00

Hi All,


The club signed a newly designed jerseys as club uniform from a new vendor this season. We request your urgent action in ordering the same. (Applies to all age groups and genders)
We request your action before 24th March to process the orders smoothly to ensure delivery before the SCF season starts. 

If you have any questions regarding the process contact any member of the Board.


Please follow the below step as per the guidelines in the table:
1) Click here to order.
The size guide is provided here. (Grashoppa guide)
Note: The Jersey Numbers for personalization need to be reserved as part of the ordering as mandatory step and otherwise your order might not be processed.
Existing Members with reserved jersey numbers
New Members or members without Jersey numbers reserved
Check for Jersey number Reservation ? 
YES, to ensure correctness here
YES, to ensure you do not select already assigned number, here
Mandatory Merchandise
T-shirt and trousers
Other merchandise
Optional and free to order as per preference
Need to fill personalization form
Not required and can order merchandise directly
YES must reserve a jersey number, for t-shirt and sweater personalization
Jersey Number preferences to be provided
Not applicable
Please reach out to one of the below SPOCs for any issues/queries or write to admin@stockholmcricket.se
1) Chenna - +46735018248
2) Archan - +46727815970 
3) Rakesh - +46702281339
4) Suman - +46723333566
1. Is it mandatory to have personalized uniform or can I opt for plain uniform?
     Club encourages to have personalized uniform, as it is mandate in many tournaments to display player number and name on the jersey and can impact your eligibility. (e.g. SCF, ECS etc...)
2. I had a jersey number reserved last year but cant see it anymore ?
All numbers reserved by members who are no more active in the club (Havent paid the membership fee for 2024 within due date or left the club) have been released for others to choose. Please check if you have paid your membership fee in due time or contact admin to get the records corrected asap.
3. Can I choose different Jersey number than last year ?
Yes you can fill the form with new number request and number will be awarded subjected to availability. Note that your previous jersey number will be released for others to choose as soon as new number is reserved.
4. Do I need to buy the whole uniform package ?
For new members, playing for the club for the first season should buy whole kit so they look similar to other player. For members who had old uniforms can reuse the Pants and cap but its mandatory to order a new T shirt. You can reuse the Sweater if you have not changed your jersey number from previous year.
5. Do designated fit for Women ?
Yes the club shop has an option to choose men or women while ordering the size guide will be updated soon in the club shop.
6. What is the lead time for delivery ?
Manufacturing and Delivery takes 4 to 5 weeks as per the vendor.
7. What if I dont have uniform ordered by 24th March ?
You might not get the uniform before SCF League starting end of April 2024 and might impact your eligibility to participate.
Did not find your concern covered , please email your query to admin@stockholmcricket.se
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