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Stockholm Cricket Club
Old Boys

During a season the Old Boys team have an ambition to play at least 2 to 3 friendly matches along with SCF T20 league matches.  The Old Boys team follow a "Pay for Play" model,  where members pay a Match Fee for each match they play. 

Playing Uniform

The uniform worn by the Old Boys depends on the compeition.  In red-ball friendly matches the Old Boys wear whites.  


If you have worn out or out grown your uniform or whites, you can purchase clothing from Den Svenska Cricketbutiken.


The Old Boys play in friendly matches.
Friendly matches are arranged by Match managers between clubs, often being red ball declaration matches.  The Fixtures are added to the team calendar.


Match Manager 

A match manager has a responsibility to find a team to play against and organise the fixture. 

  • Ground Booking -  The club will book a ground for a fixture on the request of the match manager.  To identify a ground availability check the booking system, seaching for Skarpnäck Sportsfält and/or Granby BP 
  • Ground and Playing Equipment - The club will provide equipment to the match manager. Generally this will be held by the match manager from the previous fixture or in the clubs storage unit.
Match Fees

A Match Fee will be changed for each match a person plays.  In 2023 the match fee is 100kr per match.



How this will be charged

The match fee will be paid to the Match Manager of each match. The match manager will be invoiced 1100kr for each match by the club.



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