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Stockholm Cricket Club

Playing Uniform and Training Clothing

Playing unforms and training clothing are ordered through a "club shop" at www.cricketbutiken.se. Simply order and pay online and have the item delivered to you by PostNord.




Personalised Playing Uniforms.

Once per year the club will place an order with the manufacturer for personalised playing uniforms, where your name and playing number will be printed on the clothing. 


To order personalised playing uniforms, you need to place an order with www.cricketbutiken.se for personalised uniforms.


Personalised uniforms will be printed with:

  • your Surname  (this is the name in which you are registered in the club)
  • your Playing Number  (this is allocated sequentially)


Cricketbutiken.se will match the name of person ordering the uniform with the registered player in the club. When placing the order you must ensure that the names match.  If they do not match the name in which the order is made will be used.  


As you cannot return personalised clothing (where they are printed with your name and number), please ensure that your size is correct before purchase.

Club Merchandise

Buy Stockholm CC merhandise through the club shop at spreadshirt.se.  All proceeds from sales go towards the  Berkley Caesar Memorial Fund.

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