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Stockholm Cricket Club

Ali Alibhai (1947 - 2023)
2023-09-28 17:06

It is with heavy heart we learnt of the passing of Ali Alibhai.

Ali was a long time member of the Stockholm CC from when he moved to Sweden from Uganda/England. Being club secretary for many years. Even after moving to Boliden he was an active club member, being chair of the clubs Disciplinary Committee.


In 2023 Ali was made an honorary member of the club in recognition of his service.


Ali passed away on Sunday, 24-September. The janazah (funeral) will be on Friday 29- September 


  • There will be a ceremony kl 10.00 at Skogskyrkogården, Sockenvägen 492 , Heliga korsets kapell.
  • The burial will be at  kl 11.00 strandkyrkogården, tyresö.
  • There will be a ceremony and fika at Ca 12.30 Täppgränd 9, Enskededalen, Ceremoni och mat/fika.


Those that can attend are welcome,  please wear dark clothing, and bring only a little flower for the grave.  

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