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Stockholm Cricket Club

Team Photo Sessions at Husbyhallen for whole Club
2023-04-13 08:00

On Saturday 15-April there will be team photos taken for all Stockholm CC teams.

On 15-April the club will be having a team photo session, where each team in the club will have their photo taken. We hope that having a photo will provide a life time memory for you.


The club is bringing in photographers from Bildexperten. Just like with school photos, there will be a team photo and individual photos, which you will be able to purchase. During the photo session there will be a form for you to fill in, so that Bildexperten can contact you and you can order online.  The photos will be mailed to you.


As the whole of the club will be involved, we have a tight schedule to keep, each team has an allocated time slot. It is important that everyone is there on time, if you arrive late it is possible that you will miss out.


What to wear
All players must be in the club uniform, wearing a playing shirt and pants. 


All coaches must wear club training t-shirts, and dark coloured pants.


A consistent visual appearance looks best on film, therefore it is recommended that everyone wear  short sleeved shirts. Do not have t-shirts or a base layer underneath. Do not wear a sweater or vest.  Do not wear hats or caps. Do bring a smile.



Where to go
The photos will be taken at Husbyhallen - Edvard Griegsgången 15, 164 32, Stockholm



When to be there
The time schedule for each team on 15-April is detailed in the table below


Changed and Ready  Photo Time  Team Name
13:45 14:00 U8 Kista
13:45 14:00 U8 Söder
14:10 14:25 U11 Kista
14:10 14:25 U11 Söder
14:45 15:00 U13 Kista
14:45 15:00 U13 Söder
15:10 15:35 U15 Kista
15:10 15:35 U15 Söder
15:55 16:19 U19
15:55 16:19 SCC Legends
16:30 16:45 SCC Challengers
16:30 16:45 SCC Gladiators
17:15 17:30 Herr 1XI
17:15 17:30 Dam 1XI
17:30 18:05 Womens Softball Cricket
17:30 18:05 SCC Warriors

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