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Stockholm Cricket Club


The U8 team has a goal to have fun, be active and grow everyones cricketing skills.  It is open to all boys and girls tat are 8 years old or younger, whether beginners or those with experience. 


The U8 team uses soft balls (windballs and tennis ball) so the boys and girls participating do not need protective equipment. We use plastic bats that are light and a suitable size for younger children.  


We encourage everyone to have their own bat at training. When buying a bat we recomend that you refer to a guide for choosing a bat - ref an example guide.


What we teach

The programe out U8 team follows is strongly influenced by Super Stars Cricket,  All Stars Cricket and T20 Blast. It will provide your child with all of the fundamental skills they need to play. Through lively, fun games, they will learn about cricket and be better prepared to take part in all sports.  We have provided copies of these programs for you here.


As your child progresses and learns the fundamental skills of cricket we will provide virtual awards (Cricket Stars).  These awards will be visible in the SportAdmin app.


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