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How To Register


To play Womens Soft ball Cricket you need to be a paid member of the Stockholm Cricket Club.  Membership for the Womens Soft Ball Cricket team in 2020 costs 800kr* for the season. This is made up from a 100kr club membership fee and a 700kr activity fee. 

*during the launch of Womens Soft Ball Cricket in Q4 2020 the fee will be waived 



Your company or employer may provide their employees with a "friskvårdsbidrag". If they do,  check your employment policiy as cricket may be included as one of the eligible activities where you can claim all or some of the costs associated with playing Womens Soft Ball Cricket.  Please contact This is a mailto link if ou require a reciept or any additional information in order to claim your friskvårdsbidrag.


Registration Process

To register and beome a club member and play in the Women's Soft Ball Cricket team you need to:

  1. Register as a Stockholm Cricket Club member, by completing the online registration form on Get Involved - Play Senior Cricket
  2. Pay the invoice for your membership and activity fee to the Stockholm Cricket Club, bank giro 5092-6724 or swish 123-389 64 46
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