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Poolspel at Kvarnbacka BP

23 AUG 2018 18:14
On 19-August, a beautiful sunny Sunday morning, in Kista the U13s played in their first poolspel match after the summer break.
  • Uppdaterad: 23 AUG 2018 18:17

In the Poolspel competition hosted by Stockholm CC on 19-August at Kvarnbacka BP the U13s had 2 teams playing in matches. Imaginatively called “Blue” and “Yellow”. During the morning each team played 2 games of kwik cricket.  


In the first game Stockholm Blue and Yellow played each other, in a grudge match the like of which has never been seen before, with Blue winning by 24 runs in the end.  In the following match Stockholm Yellow played SACS and lost a close match by only 4 runs.  Then finally Stockholm Blue played Alby CC and lost by 11 runs.  It is fantastic to see the improvement in everyone’s cricket during the season. With some proper cricket being played, placing shots in the gaps and bowling a nice line and length. The results for all the games can be found on: http://www.cricketacademy.se/U13Poolspel/SeriesResults/2018HT/

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