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År Månad
(2019-09-08 21:25)
Tredje gången gilt. On the third attempt this year the Old Boys finally won a match against the Village Idiots.
(2019-08-25 14:17)
On Saturday 24-August the Old Boys lost a close match against SACS by 2 runs.
(2019-08-11 08:19)
Stockholm CC hosted the Village Idiots (fd Teachers) in a long awaited rematch on 10-August
(2019-08-11 07:21)
Stockholm CC were privileged to host the Helsinki CC Old Boys team on 3-August.
(2019-06-17 19:00)
The Old Boys were schooled by the Stockholm Teachers, losing by 9 wickets in a friendly at Gärdet.
(2019-05-26 09:03)
On a cold Saturday in May Stockholm Old Boys won their first match of the season against SACS by 41 runs.
(2018-08-11 21:57)
The Old Boys team journeyed into the deepest depths of Södermansland for a friendly match against the Vadsbro Village team.
(2018-07-06 09:25)
On 5-July the Old Boys played for an Embassy XI in a friendly T20 match at Gärdet vs President’s XI, where the Embassy XI won by 6 runs.
(2017-08-20 21:54)
The Old Boys team travelled to Kolsva to play against a Guttsta Wicked Cricket Club side.
(2017-08-12 21:29)
The Old Boys match between Stockholm CC and Helsinki CC was held today in Husby.
(2017-08-10 07:49)
The team calendar has been updated with fixtures against Guttsta and Helsinki.
(2016-07-22 12:39)
The friendly match against a team from Vadsbro has been cancelled. 

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