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Team Rules


Squad Selection Policy

1.       The playing squad for the team will be chosen by the Technical Cricketing Committee prior to the start of the season.

2.       A player may not change teams during the season once allocated to a squad.  

3.       New club members may be recruited into the squad during the season by the team management. The team management must inform the Technical Cricketing Committee about the new club member, however the committee’s approval is not required prior to placement.


Match Selection Policy

1.       To be eligible for selection for a match, you must have paid your club membership and activity fees.

2.       [Insert selection policy for team for each match.  This may include requirements for attendance at training or as determined by the team management]


Behaviour at or during matches

1.       You will arrive at the ground prior to the stated meeting time

2.       You will be changed and ready to take the field at the stated time

3.       You will wear the team uniform when on the field

4.       You shall play with the Stockholm Cricket Clubs Spirit in mind at all times.

5.       [insert additional rules]


Disciplinary Procedures

1.       You will adhere to the disciplinary procedures defined by the Stockholm Cricket Club.


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