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2017 AGM

21 FEB 2017 20:31
The Stockholm CC AGM was held on Monday 20/2, electing a new board, disciplinary committee and technical committee.
  • Skapad: 21 FEB 2017 20:31

In the AGM held on Monday 20/2 a number of elections were held for governance organs of the club.

  • Board; Karl Langston (Chairman), Manu Lund, Prem Krishna, Shrikant Sakpal, Surenedra Kumar, Viswanadha Bazawada. 
  • Disciplinary Committee; Ali Alibhai (Chair), Arvind Kumar and Gautham Ramamurthy.
  • ittee; Wayne Scott (Chair), Nitin Ramanjaneya and Santhosh Yadalapalli.


In the past year lots has happened within the clubs, most significantly the merger of the BCA, KTH and Stockholm cricket clubs.  The outgoing board did a fantastic job guiding the merger of the clubs. But also in starting a Junior Cricket program.  So a big thanks to the outgoing members – Chenna, Yasir, Andrew and Wayne – for a great job. Perhaps it is a tribute to them that there are now six people taking the place of 5.


With plans to increase our organisational maturity, grow playing numbers in both our senior and junior cricket programs and gain promotion in the leagues 2017 is looking to be an exciting year.

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