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The Berkley Caesar Memorial fund

09 NOV 2019 15:25
To help financially disadvantaged children continue playing cricket the Stockholm CC has set up the Berkley Caesar Memorial fund. You can contribute to this via a GoFundMe fundraiser - Förändra liv genom cricket
  • Skapad: 09 NOV 2019 15:25

Not every one is privileged and able to afford to play cricket.  Some families are not able to afford membership fees, new shoes, a cricket bats or to travel to an away game. This unfortunately means that they may not be able to play this fabulous sport that is cricket.


To enable as many children as possible to play cricket we have created the Berkley Caesar Memorial fund,  that supports financially disadvantaged children so they can continue playing cricket.  Simply those in need can apply to the Board of the Stockholm CC for assistance, instructions on how to apply can be found here (URL Link).


We can only distribute as much to children in need as is donated.  So if you would like to contribute to the fund you can do so via our GoFundMe fundraiser:



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