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Street Cricket

06 SEP 2019 22:07
This summer the Stockholm Cricket Club once again ran it’s Street Cricket Program in Kista giving children the opportunity to pay cricket according to their terms.
  • Uppdaterad: 06 SEP 2019 22:07

Running from 16-June until 2-August the Stockholm Cricket Club’s Street Cricket program was held in the grounds of Kistagrundskolan.  In total there were 34 “sessions” that provided the opportunity for children aged 7 to 15 to play cricket according to their terms. Where the children took control and led the sessions, deciding what types of games they want to play.  

Over the summer many new children where introduced to playing cricket.  And perhaps inspired by the world cup they could practice thier ramp shots and switch shots while showing the enthusiam and passion for the game.

“It was great seeing the leadership and communication skills of the participating children grow throughout the summer” said one of the leaders Naveed Hashmi, “where they needed to take into consideration the different ages and abilities of everyone , to ensure everyone’s involvement and reach a consensus of what to do”.

You can read more about the Street Cricket Summer program on www.cricketacademy.se/StreetCricket/



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