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Stockholm Cricket Club in Print

01 DEC 2016 12:00
If you are looking for something to read the Stockholm Cricket Club gets a mention in Tim Brooks new book "Cricket on the Continent"
  • Uppdaterad: 11 DEC 2016 21:33

Soon it is Christmas and if you are looking for something to read on your time off  or a present for a someone, perhaps the new book by Tim Brooks may be of interest. And as the Stockholm Cricket Club gets a brief mention when he outlines the history of cricket in Sweden we feel a shameless need to publicise it.

The book chronicals the history of cricket in Europe and the challenges that it faces. Giving a detailed history of the game in Europe it fills in the 40 years since Labouchere, Provis and Hargreves classic 1969 book on european cricket. And also provides an outline on


Tim Brooks, 2016, "Cricket on the Continent", (Pitch Publishing, ISBN 978-1-78531-203-8)

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