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Membership Fees for 2021

25 JAN 2021 14:18
Today we have emailed invoices for the 2021 membership and activity fees to all active members.
  • Uppdaterad: 25 JAN 2021 18:35

Today we have emailed invoices for the 2021 membership and activity fees to all active members.  In the club we split the fees into 2 parts;  an annual membership fee, and activities fees to cover the cost of training and participation in competitions.  You can read more about the memebrship and activity fees here on our website.

The invoices have been emailed to all active members, using the the email address you are registered with in IdrottOnline.  The due date for is 29-February.

If you have not received an invoice, please check your junk/spam folder prior to contacting the club at This is a mailto link . And naturally if there is an issue with the invoice or you don’t want to play in 2021 please contact us.

Bonus for on time payment

As per previous years if you pay your invoice on time you will be eligible to collect a Stockholm CC branded item. In 2021 this willl be a small towel for training and games that you can have in your kitbag.


Please remember that through your employer you may be eligible for friskvårdsbidrag.  As a recognised sport in Sweden many companies allow their employees to claim activity fees for sports, check with your company whether you are eligible or not. your company will provide informaiton on what information is requireed to support your claim.

If you need a reciept please contact This is a mailto link 

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