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Join the Disciplinary Committee

24 APR 2021 08:51
Do you want to become a member of the disciplinary committee?
  • Skapad: 24 APR 2021 08:51

If you would like to join the Discplinary Committee email This is a mailto link

The purpose of the Disciplinary Committee is to provide an independent body that without bias can adjudicate upon reports raised against players and club members where it is alleged that they have broken the clubs code of conduct.  Membership of the committee is elected by the clubs members during the AGM.  The committee  should be representative of the club, having a gender balance and consist of 3 to 5 people on the committee.

In the AGM in February 2021 only 2 people were elected to the Discplinary Committee – Hitesh and Ali. The meeting asked the board to find additional members.

The duties of the committee are to adjudicate on reported breaches of the clubs code of conduct. As well as developing and maintaining the processes required to do so.  They meet several times a year (using MS teams).  And in the past few years have actioned only a few reports.

If you would like to learn more about the committee and their ways of working reach out to them by mail on This is a mailto link. You can also fin teh clubc code of conduct and the charter for the commitee  in our document bank.

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