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Honorary Membership

06 JUL 2021 07:21
The motion to introduce Honorary Membership passed in Extra AGM
  • Skapad: 06 JUL 2021 07:21

During the AGM held 12-February-2021 a motion was raised by Naveed Hashmi to implement a form of honorary membership within the Club. The motion did not provide details on the required constitutional changes, therefore the members decided that the Board should submit a proposal for honorary membership in an extra-ordinary AGM to be held within 6 months. 


New Constitution.

In yesterday’s extraordinary AGM the proposal from the Board for the constitutional changes was considered and accepted by the members. The new consitution can be found here.

So from yesterday the club has a new constitution, that brings in the ability for members to recognise a person’s life-long work for the Stockholm Cricket Clubs and award honorary membership of the club.


Process for granting honorary membership.

To nominate a person for honorary membership, any club member can nominate a candidate to the secretary of the board.   The board will review proposed candidate, asking the nominated person if they want this honour or not and finally submit their recommendations to the the next AGM.  It is during this AGM that the clubs members decide on whether to grant honorary membership or not.





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