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Message from the valberedning

21 NOV 2018 07:23
The Valberedning would like to request members who are passionate for cricket and would like to work for the development of the club to nominate themselves for roles in the club.
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Dear Members , 

Greetings from the Valberedning team !!!

We have had a very good cricketing season for this year and it is time for us to gear up for the next year.

Our Stockholm Cricket Club has been undertaking and focussing on variuos development initiatives and activities for the sustained growth and development of the club such as :

  1. Focus on future talent    
  2. Home ground/indoor training facilities             
  3. Technical Skill development and coaching
  4. Branding and promoting             
  5. Achieving sponsorships                                          
  6. Women Cricket team (promoting diversity)
  7. Umpiring Skill development             
  8. Under 19 Cricket Team

 and these initiatives will continue over the coming years and there might be many more initiatives to come.

 We would like to inform you that for next year 2019-20, Syam and Santhosh will be continuing for the 2nd of their 2 years, and the following positions open in our club.

  • Chairman - for a two year period
  • Board Members – 2 Positions, each for a 2 year period.
  • Disciplinary committee– 3 Positions, each for a one year period.
  • Technical committee – 3 Positions, each for a one year period.

We would request passionate members who have the commitment and can dedicate time to contribute in the club activities to nominate yourselves by email with a short note on your motivation (few lines about why you think that you suit the best for the position and your thoughts on how you think you can contribute).

Please send in your nominations on or before 15th Dec 2018 to valberedning Committee below

  • This is a mailto link
  • This is a mailto link
  • This is a mailto link


Or to the group email address: This is a mailto link


Warm regards, 

Valberedning Committee

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