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AGM for Stockholm CC

18 FEB 2018 07:18
Yesterday, on 17-February, the Stockholm CC held their annual general meeting (AGM) at Eriksdahlshallen, presenting their annual report and electing officers to positions on committees and roles within the club..
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Though there were some technical issues with the location for the AGM, yesterday in the AGM we presented our annual report and financial results for 2017.  During 2017 the club grew considerably with membership more than doubling as a result of the merger between clubs and the rapid growth of the junior cricket program. On the field the club had teams with people from 6 years old to 80 years old, showing that cricket is a sport that can be played throughout your whole life. If forced to pick one sporting highlight results wise, it perhaps would be the 3rd XI winning their one-day competition and getting promotion to the 2nd division.

The result of elections for committees and positions were as follows:

  • Board:
    • Karl Langston (Chairman, 1 year)
    • Santhosh Yadlapalli (Board member , 2 years)
    • Shrikant Sakpal (Board member, 1 year)
    • Syam Mullangi (Board Member, 2 years)
    • Viswanadha Bazawada (Board member, 1 year)
    • Chris Price (Deputy Board Member, 1 year)
  • Auditor:
    • Richard Murray (1 year)
  • Valberedning (1 year):
    • Gangadhar Neeradi
    • Kishore Vadlapatla
    • Suman Mokhamatan
  • Disciplinary Committee (1 year):
    • Ali Alibhai
    • Arvind Kumar
    • Hithesh Gatty
  • Technical Committee (1 year):
    • Chenna Nali
    • Sampat Manju
    • Suman Mokhamatan


We woulld like to congratulate those new to roles on their election.  And also thank those that are leaving for the hard work and time and effort they have put in. In 2017 we made great strides forward as a club and 2018 is looking to be a great year.

The minutes of the AGM, along with presentation and meeting materials can be found here (in the Members Zone of the website). Please contact any member fo the board if you have any question regarding the AGM.



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