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The Berkley Caesar Memorial Fund

Cricket is a material sport. And like all material sports it costs money to purchase equipment and pay for membership fees. Not every family has money to buy a new uniform, shoes or bat. Therefore in 2019 the Board of the Stockholm Cricket Club started the Berkley Caesar Memorial Fund to provide support to club members who without financial support would not have the means to start or continue to play cricket for the Stockholm Cricket Club. 


How to apply

To apply to the economic assistance you must submit a written request to the Club's Secretary.  This written request shall:

  1. Describe what you require support for,
  2. Describe your situation today,
  3. Provide information on your total monthly income, 
  4. Include a supporting letter from a school prinicpal, teacher, doctor, social services that explains your situation and need for economic support.


How to donate to the fund

If you would like to make a finacial contribution towards the fund you can make a donation via Bank Giro, GoFundMe or purchasing merchandise. The fund is managed by the Board of the Stockholm Cricket Club, being strictly separated from clubs operational accounts. 


To donate by BankGiro you simply make a payment to BG 5092-6724, wth the Text "Berkley Caesar Fund" in the message field.

To donate via GoFundMe you can click on the link to our GoFundMe campaign - Förändra liv genom cricket

To donate via purchasing merchandise you can go to our webshop on Spreadshirt.se   



Background to the name of the fund

To honour the memory of Berkley “the professor” Caesar and the significant contribution he made to the Stockholm Cricket Club we have named the Fund to support others in playing cricket for the club in his honour.

Berkley was a steadfast member of the Stockholm Cricket Club. It was through his skills and ability with both bat and ball he earn the nickname “the professor” as he demonstrated to others how the game should be played.  On the field he was the vice-captain of the team for many years, and played in all the tours -  to Netherlands, England, Germany and Finland. Off the field he was a selector and worked in the Social Committee, which was a focal point of the cricketing community in Stockholm at the time. 

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