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Coaches Corner

The objective of the "Coaches Corner" area is to provide a common area for sharing information for coaches within the club.

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Junior Development Plan

Within the Stockholm Cricket Club, and in the absence of guidelines from the Swedish Cricket federation, we will follow a follow development program as described below.


Player Development Model

The Stockholm Cricket Club follows the ECB Player Development Model. This model can be found here - ECB Player Development Model.pdf.  


Player Pathway

The Stockholm Cricket club provides a player pathway as shown in the diagram below. With a focus on development of people and cricketers in the junior section, our:

  • Cricket School is an entry point for new begineers (aged 5 to 11),
  • U8 teams for 5 to 8 year olds, focus on gernal movement and cricketing basics
  • U13 teams for 9 to 13 year olds offer a match experience and a transition into hard ball cricket.  
  • U15 teams, for 11 to 15 year olds,  develops the skills to progress in cricket.
  • U19 team, for 14-19 year olds, develops the skills to train and complete bridging the gap to adult cricket 




Playing Conditions

The club follows the Junior formats for cricket defined by the Swedish Cricket Federation (Ref. SCF website)




Reference materials to support coaches within the club are located on MS Teams - Junior Coaches.  Requests for access need to be submitted to This is a mailto link 




To ensure well being and safety of players, the Stockholm CC has set a minimum requirement on coaches for player welfare to both strengthen protection for children against criminl acts and in the event of an emergency get children the required help.


First Aid

All new coaches must provide a current first aid certificate to the Clubs' Player Welfare Officer. There is no recommended provider of training.  We recommend that it covers the types of injuries and medical emergencies that may occur during sporting activities. The club may be able to support costs associated with your first aid course, contact the Player Welfare Officer to learn more.


The process we follow is:

  1. You must send a copy of the first aid certificate recieved to the Player Welfare Officer
  2. The Player Welfare Officer will update our coaching register that the first aid certificate has been sighted and on what date.


Police Check

From 1-Jan-2020 it is a legal requirement that all people working with children must provide a copy of a police report (that is less than 1 year old) to the Player Welfare Officer.   The police report is an extract for working with children (not in schools and daycare)  from the "belastningsregistret".  When you order the report from the police, it will be posted to you.


The process we follow is:

  1. You must request an report - the blanket for requesting the report can be found on https://polisen.se/tjanster-tillstand/belastningsregistret/ovrigt-arbete-och-kontakt-med-barn/ 
  2. You must bring the unopened envelope containing the report to a meeting with the Player Welfare Officer
  3. The Player Welfare Officer will open the envelope in front of you, and thereafter update our coaching register that the police check has been sighted and on what date.
  4. The Player Welfare Officer will return the report to you.


Incident Reporting

If there is an incident (injury or similar) during a training session or match it shoud be reported to the Player Welfare Officer using the Incident Report Form

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