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Club Management


The framework for operating a sustainable and sucessful club is based on 4 pillars:

  • Club Management - covering club governance, our development plan, facilities and equipment, and partnerships
  • Club Finances - covering how we manage money, our budgeting and control processes, income and funding 
  • Club People - covering Members and participants, Coaches, and Volunteers
  • Club Marketing - covering Marketing strategy, Market research and Marketing options


You can read more about our approach here.


Club Structure

The strcuture of the club, with various committees and focus areas is described here.  The people elected to roles within the organisation are listed here.  


Club Development Plan

The activities to move the club towards the clubs vision  form a number of medium term (3-5 years) goals for the club:

  • Our premier team will have a winning and attractive style of play. 
  • A pathway (for players, officials, coaches and administrators) will guide people so they can have life long involvement in cricket.
  • A Cricket Academy will be started, to maximise the potential of youth and develop the future cricketers for our senior teams
  • Partnerships with schools will be formed, to introduce cricket to youth and integrate the club with local communities
  • Regular events (competitions, demos, etc) will be held to support recruitment to the club and encourage life long activity
  • Commercial partnerships will be made, giving long term balance to our income streams


You can read more about our development plan is here.

We have a kanban board on Trello to track activities that are part of our development plan.  Club Volunteers can acceess it here  

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