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Why join the crew and become a coach?

There are many benefits to joining the "crew" and getting involved in cricket coaching and you don't need to be a player to participate in coaching sessions.

As a parent it is an opportunity to spend some quality time enjoying the same past time as your kids and being actively involved in their upbringing. You will also be part of your community and meet new friends through cricket.

For 'ex-players' coaching presents an opportunity to stay in the game and pass on your knowledge to others. As well as being active in the community it gives opportunities to stay involved with your club and give something back to the sport. For current players, coaching helps in the retention of players, enables you to help your team mates to improve their performance and enhance their enjoyment of the game.

If you are a student, cricket coaching is a great volunteering opportunity which may lead to a potential career and/or part-time employment opportunity. It will also enable you to develop your own skills and will look great on your CV!


What's in it for me?

In addition to the rewards listed above, we as a club will:

  • support you in gaining your cricket coaching accreditation, as well as education offerings from SISU. 
  • give you or your children a discount on the Activity Fees associated with playing cricket for the club.




For more information or to register your interest contact us on This is a mailto link or indicate that you wish to join the crew when registering your child.

It is importrant to remember that in order safeguard children that are apart of the Stockholm Cricket Club, it is a requirement that all people who work with children show the club an extract from the police register. 

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