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Press Release 20190515

15 MAJ 2019 07:37
The U13 Poolspel tournament for youth under the age of 13 returns on May 19th
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Press Release 20190515


The U13 Poolspel tournament for youth under the age of 13 returns.  
On 19th May the Stockholm Cricket Clubs competition for children under the age of 13 returns. First started in 2018, the U13 Poolspsel competition provides children who are starting the opportunity to experience playing cricket in matches for the first time.  From May to September, 5 teams from 4 cricket clubs based in Stockholm will play a series of 8 mini tournaments.
The focus of the competition, says club chairman Karl Langston, is on participation and having fun.  Matches are played following a modified format of cricket, soft balls and plastic bats are used not only for safety but with the equipment the right size for their age children are able to play shots and make plays just like their hero’s on TV.   Similarly, there is no league table, so children can focus on playing the game and growing their skills not winning matches.
This year’s tournament will focus on gender equality, which is one of Riksidrottsförbundets prioritised development areas. Even last year both boys and girls competed in the same teams. But from this year we will push even harder that cricket shall be inclusive for everyone, irrespective of gender, stated Karl Langston.
The U13 Poolspel is being organised by the Stockholm Cricket Club. It is the oldest cricket club in Sweden, and with over 200 members it has teams for juniors, adults, pensioners and people with disabilities.
The U13 Poolspel is being held over 8 weekends at Kvarnbacka BP in Kista from 9:00 to 12:00. The first weekend is on 19th May. 


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