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Competition Overview

The U11 Poolspel is a cricket competition organised by the Stockholm Cricket Club for teams from clubs based in Stockholm County.  The goal is to provide children between the ages of 5 to 11 years old with their first introduction to competitive cricket in an organised form, where over the course of summer there will be a series of mini-tournaments.


Match Format

Matches are played according to kwick cricket rules.  Played on a synthetic football field, with a soft ball and plastic bat, there is a regular bounce from the surface which enables everyone to practice a complete range of shots and score runs.  Boundries are reduced in size to be that of a ½ full size football field, therby encouraging players to  score runs while also allowing two matches to be played in parrallel.


Prizes and awards

In the U11 Poolspel there is no league table or prizes for winning.  Rather at the end of the season all the participants celebrate together with a fika, where they recieve a participation certificate. 


Particpating teams.

The following cricket clubs have entered teams in the 2019 competition:

  • Alby CC
  • Saltsjöbaden CC
  • Stockholm CC
  • SACS


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