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Play Veterans Cricket

Old Boys

Former, past and present Stockholm CC cricketers or anyone over the age of 40 are welcome to play for the clubs veteran team. We try to arrange a few social matches each season.


If you are interested in learning more please email This is a mailto link to learn more about our team. 


How to join and play cricket

To play for the Old Boys team you need to be registered with the club

  1. Register as a Stockholm Cricket Club member, by completing the online registration form [Medlemsansökan] or return a completed Membership application form [pdf form]
  2. Pay the invoice for your membership and activity fee to the Stockholm Cricket Club, bank giro 5092-6724 or swish 123-389 64 46





Stockholm v Helsinki, August 2017

Uppdaterad: 31 MAR 2018 09:09 Skribent: Karl Langston
Epost: Adressen Gömd

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