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Play Paracricket

Paracricket Team

Our Paracricket team was started in autumn 2018 and is for physically and learning impaired people of all ages and abilities.  Our philosphy is that everyone can play cricket, be active and have fun, so even if you have never played cricket before you are welcome to come along and give it a go.


Disability Criteria.

Players are not required to undergo any classification profiling in order to play Paracricket.  And participants will be in mixed groups with differnt types and levels of physical and learning impariments.


How to join and play cricket

The simplest way is to come along and try it out.  We will provide all the equipment you need to get started. The sessions are detailed in the team calendar [Kalendar], prior to coming for the first time contact us [email] to tell us that you are coming and what impairment you have so we can plan accordingly.

After 3 sessions we will ask you to register and become a member.  There are 3 simple steps for you to follow:

  1. Register as a Stockholm Cricket Club member, by completing the online registration form [Medlemsansökan] or return a completed Membership application form [pdf form]
  2. Send an email to This is a mailto link, so we are aware of your application and can add you to email distibution lists. In this email please tell us about what impairment you have and any additional informaiton that may be relevant for us to know.
  3. Your membership  application is not complete until you have paid your membership fees. Pay your membership fee via either Bank Giro (5092-6724) or Swish (123-389 64 46). Detail of fees can be found on [Membership Fees]
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