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Classic Cricket Sweater

Cricket Sweaters By Rochford Sports Knitwear

If you would like to have a classic cricket sweater in Stockholm CC trim we recommend that you purchase them through Rochford Sports Knitwear Ltd. All garments are made by them in Somerset using only the finest quality pure new wool. Rochfords have been supplying many cricket clubs, schools and major C.C.C's with cricket sweaters for over 30 years.


Purchase Instructions.

If you would like to purchase a Stockholm CC cricket sweater from Rochfords you need to:

1. Order directly from their website:

2. Select the syle of sweater

3. Update the trim design, described below

     - Royal Blue (4)

     - Cricket White (1)

     - MCC Gold (2)

     - Cricket White(1)

     - Royal Blue (4)

4. Payment can be made via Paypal

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